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 January 13, 2017
  This Week's Viewpoint  
  Could Reducing Taxes on Bread Create a Hot Potato?  


By David Fowler

Tennessee's legislators are faced with a decision—what do they do with a surplus of almost $900 million in recurring revenue? Many will want to spend it on "improving" existing government programs by growing them. Last week I said they could consider using the money to buy some freedom from the federal government. Another possibility getting lots of discussion is to "spend" it by cutting taxes. But if that's what legislators do, then they better be careful. Read more...

  Latest News
  Legislative Session Begins  
  The 110th General Assembly convened Tuesday, January 10. While House Speaker Beth Harwell remains in her same post, the Honorable Randy McNally was elected to be the 87th Speaker of the Senate and Lt. Gov. to replace the retiring Ron Ramsey. The Senate welcomed only one new member, Jon Lundberg, who previously served in the House. The House welcomed ten new members: John Crawford, Michael Curcio, Ron Gant, Mark Lovell, Tim Rudd, Paul Sherrell, Rick Stamples, Dwayne Thompson, Rick Tillis, and Sam Whitson.
  California Succeeding One Law at a Time  
  Some Californians are so upset with the rest of the country's backward ways politically that there has been talk of succession. While California's succession couldn't come soon enough for many Americans outside California, the Left Coast State may have started the process when it recently passed a law that bans state paid-for travel to Tennessee, North Carolina, Kansas, and Mississippi because of various laws those states passed last year that offended California's LGBT community. The Tennessee law that offended California's lawmakers was one that protected professional counselors from losing their license if helping the client achieve his or her counseling goals would violate the counselor’s conscience. Given California's budget woes, it's probably best their elected officials not travel anywhere anyway.
  Stem Express Drops Suit Against David Daleiden  
  The fetal tissue broker that bought baby body parts from Planned Parenthood and then sold them for profit dropped its suit against The Center for Medical Progress' David Daleiden, whose videos exposed the trafficking of aborted baby parts. This was the first suit brought against the investigative journalist. The National Abortion Federation and Planned Parenthood have also brought lawsuits against him.
  Kentucky Governor Signs Two Pro-Life Bills, ACLU Files Suit  
  Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin signed two bills in favor of life this week, a bill that would ban abortions at 20 weeks or more and a bill that would require abortionists to share ultrasound images of the baby with the mother before an abortion. The ACLU has already filed a suit against the ultrasound bill claiming that it violates the mother's right to privacy and her First Amendment freedoms. But the director of state legislation at National Right to Life, Ingrid Duran, notes that conducting ultrasounds before an abortion is a standard practice. Plus, the ultrasound bill states that the pregnant woman does not have to look at the images or hear the child's heartbeat if she doesn't want to.
  2017 'Life List'  
  Annually, Americans United for Life ranks all states on how pro-life they are. The 2017 "Life List" reveals that Oklahoma, Kansas, Louisiana, Arkansas, and Arizona are the top five pro-life states, while Washington, California, Vermont, New Jersey, and Oregon were listed as the top five least protective states for the unborn. Tennessee is 15th on the list.
  Celebrities Fundraise for Planned Parenthood on Inauguration Day  
  While Trump and pro-life Republicans vow to defund the abortion giant, celebrities will be raising money for Planned Parenthood through a three-hour telethon-style Facebook Live event on Inauguration Day. The "Love-a-thon" includes Jane Fonda, Jamie Lee Curtis, Tim Robbins, and others.
  ND Rejects Changes to Reflect Gay 'Marriage' Ruling  
  By a vote of 15-31, the North Dakota Senate rejected a bill that would have updated the definition of marriage to include same-sex "marriage" and would have updated language referencing "husband and wife" to gender-neutral terms. By rejecting the bill, North Dakota's Senate preserves the will of 73 percent of the people that approved a constitutional amendment in 2004 defining marriage as between one man and one woman.
  Pediatricians Speak Out Against National Geographic 'Transgender' Cover  
  The American College of Pediatricians is speaking out against the use of a 9-year-old "transgender" on National Geographic's January magazine cover. Says its president Michelle Cretella, "When academic, medical and other public institutions propagate the lifetime use of toxic hormones and the surgical removal of healthy body parts as healthcare for children, they are engaged in institutionalized child abuse." Former "transgender" Walt Heyer agrees that making a young person a poster child for "transgenderism" is irresponsible. Says Heyer, "National Geographic's irresponsible imagery of a cross-dressing boy on the cover will no doubt ratchet up the spread of the contagion that is transgenderism."

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